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Father & Son

Family and caregiver workshops are ideal for parents of preschool through elementary age children. Workshops define and contextualize social emotional skills and offer specific ideas for parents on how to develop these skills based on current research and best practice.  

In the Classroom

Visionary schools embrace SEL as part of their approach to educating the whole child and creating a positive school culture inside the school building.   Professional development opportunities support teachers as they learn about the importance of Educator SEL, building SEL into the curriculum and parent engagement practices. Consultation with school leaders is also a central part of reflecting on school wide practices and school climate.


SEL doesn’t stop at the front door of a child’s school or home. Community organizations such as libraries, YMCAs and boys and girls clubs play an essential role in reinforcing the social-emotional themes that are critical to healthy development. Get in touch to learn more about SEL and integrating SEL into staff training and offerings.

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